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Rice for Education

The Rice for Education project consists of a school canteen in Cachouane, Casamance region south of Senegal.

With the school canteen running, the children do not have to travel to the fields where their mothers work to eat some rice. Mothers are calm and relieved knowing that their children eat every day at school, without having to travel several kilometers to their place of work.

The school canteen serves meals 5 days a week, the cooking is done by two mothers every day in regular shifts. All this is managed by the school cafeteria committee, a body of the student's parents' association, and by the school's management.

The school canteen has greatly improved the lives of families. Now, mothers have more time, family burden is reduced and they fill the womb of their children. So they show a huge thanks to all the people who have contributed their grain of sand to the project.

To keep the dining room open all year round, serving more than 80 breakfasts and lunches 5 days a week, it takes around 5,000 Euros a year.

Provisiones para el Comedor

To help finance the dining room, AFIP has been carrying out solidarity activities since 2015 through the Rice for Education project. In the year 2019 the Casares City Council through the Blas Infante awards also reached Senegal.

In the school there is also a pot of money that is being filled with what the visits of tourists contribute and what the young people get with the «Konkon», dances and traditional fights that they organize to amuse the stay of the few tourists who visit this town. With the money from this pot, the school contributes some fish to the daily menu of rice with the traditional yaissa sauce.